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Download and Register
Welcome to the Knight Online
Getting Started
Knight Online is an epic game in which players journey from level 1 to as high as level 80. This guide is designed to provide new adventurers with detailed information on everything from downloading to dueling.
The early levels in Knight Online are important, as it is where you will learn skills, explore the world, learn the quest system, make friends, kill monsters, and develop abilities that will eventually be needed in PvP conflict. Revel in this time, and make the most of it as you travel along the path of knighthood and approach the fields of war. This guide will help you level quickly. Use it wisely and you will build your character into one prepared for battle.
With Knight Online, Free2Play™ means exactly that: this game is totally FREE TO PLAY as long as you want!
Downloading Knight Online
You'll want to do this first as you can register while you wait for the client to download! Visit the Downloads page to get the client. Choose whichever option best suits you and then move right along to getting your account registered.
Registration is required in order to play Knight Online, and can be done here.
On this page, you will need to supply several pieces of information to complete your registration. You will need to create a unique (and private) account ID and password, as well as provide other identifying information.
Once you complete the registration form, you will then be able to login with your account ID and password in the main website. Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes before your account becomes active on the game server!
After you complete registration you will be able to change account information by logging in to the website and accessing “MyKOL”.

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